Installation - Repairs - Maintenance

Our lives are more and more dependent on electrical systems and products. Let the Electrical Technicians at Trinitas help you keep your life and your business up and running!

We service all major appliances and brands from your kitchen to your laundry room.

There are many parts of your home and buildings that can go haywire or need attention. Lights, fans, switches, and receptacles will eventually need attention. You may even have major changes or problems with circuit breakers, panels and old or faulty wiring. Our team can help you with all of your electrical needs.

Trinitas is a licensed Electrical Contractor in the State of Louisiana

The future is here and we all need help keeping it all together. Let us help you get your life connected. Video doorbells, security systems, smart garage door openers, smart switches, smart receptacles, networking, sensors, and thermostats. We can help you with all of it.

Many of the same services we provide can be utilized by our commercial clients. In addition, many of our clients utilize our technicians for troubleshooting and diagnosing retail machines and equipment. While we specialize in electrical and mechatronics, we can also help you with pneumatic machinery and other equipment you may need to get installed or repaired. Ask us if we can help with your on-site technical assistance.

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